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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been in controversy to extract data on the internet without consent. The new launch of OpenAI’s GPTBot will be crawling websites automatically. The purpose of gathering publicly available data for OpenAI’s GPTBot is to train the AI model. Further discussion the company said; the data scraping will be a transparent and responsible manner. Does your website include paid content? Will OpenAI’s GPTBot be able to access the paid content? Should you instruct your website to stop scraping by AI tools like GPTBot? Here are the answers you need.

Do you need to instruct your website or browser to stop scaping?

You develop content for your targeted audience, you have various other data and information that could be dangerous for your business website or as an information provider. As ChatGPT too says they are training the AI model and it is an experiment yet. So, part of this there are other concerns that one needs to consider. If you think it is going to be hard for you to scrap your website with any third-party tool. In this, we have learned that you must make a decision to stop OpenAI’s access to your website; if you are endorsing training the same by providing various information to them.

Below we have given you the answers and the top solution you need to have for your website. All the actions will help you and make things easy for you by safeguarding the same.

What access will OpenAI GPTBot remove?

There will be a few things that OpenAI’s GPTBot will remove. OpenAI’s GPTBot will be removing all the resources that need a paywall to access the information for training purposes, removing personally identifiable information or (PII) and it also includes text  content that may violate OpenAI’s policies.

Further, it has been seen that allowing the same will improve the comprehensiveness of the AI system. If you are looking to identify the same for better results and want to have the right thing for you. Here is the code you can use to identify access to information.

How to identify the access using code?

Here is the code you can use for the results you want to see for the access. Use the code as we have shown you below for the identification.

The same can be copied to implement and have the results you want to have for you. Check out the same code by copying.

User-agent token: GTPBot

Full user-agent string: Mozilla/5.0

AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko; compatible; GPTBot/1.0; +

How to stop GPTBot from accessing your website?

Here is the method using your site’s “robot.txt.” to stop OpenAI’s GPTBot from accessing your website. When one does the same; it will stop GPTBot access your website for the purpose of training the same.

You can go to your backend to access your website’s robots.txt. Files. When you access your website’s robots.txt. File you will see the following options and you need to follow the step as shown below.

User-agent: GPTBot

Disallow: /

The above method is easy. You may have used this for your website before also to stop crawling your admin or other parts you do not want search engines to crawl and take a long time to load the page. Here are the same things you can do to have for you and stop access to your website.

Additionally, if you are looking to create a wall for other parts of your website. Here you can follow that too to stop AI from accessing the same. Check the code to let AI access your website’s other parts that you do not want at all.

Use code:

User-agent: GPTBot

Allow: /directory-1/

Disallow: /directory-2/

However, Open AI has acknowledged that its AI mode scrapes the internet. Where it has helped its large language model like GPT-4 to help people get the information and do work. However, the same is being said that it could be just ethical dilemmas.

HackerNews users are debating the ethics of OpenAI’s release of a web crawler for training AI models. One user said, “OpenAI isn’t even citing in moderation. If the website are allowing the same to the AI tools like ChatGPT. It is making derivative work which is without citing and obscuring it. 

OpenAI has recently filed for a trademark for ‘GPT-5’, which suggests that the company is training its next version of GPT-4, which, according to several reports, would be close to AGI, which has been the company’s goal all along. GPTBot will clearly assist the company in gathering more data from the internet to train this model. On the other hand, the company has also discontinued its AI Classifier for detecting GPT-generated text.


OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been in controversy for extracting data on the internet without consent. The new launch of OpenAI’s GPTBot will be crawling websites automatically to gather publicly available data to train the AI model. The company claims that the data scraping will be done in a transparent and responsible manner.

If your website includes paid content, OpenAI’s GPTBot will not be able to access it. This is because paid content is usually protected by a paywall or other security measures. However, if your website includes publicly available content, such as blog posts or articles, OpenAI’s GPTBot may be able to access it.

Whether or not you should instruct your website to stop scraping by AI tools like GPTBot is a decision that you will need to make based on your own specific circumstances. If you are concerned about the privacy of your users, you may want to consider blocking AI tools like GPTBot from accessing your website. However, if you believe that the benefits of allowing AI tools to access your website outweigh the risks, you may choose to allow it.

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