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“Freelancer: The Conclusion” is an Indian web series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, the series is about the life of aliya’s journey as she finds herself in the conflicted situation, will she be successful in escaping from Syria against the backdrop of growing ISIS terrorism. 

Is The Freelancer based on True Story?

Yes, “The Freelancer” is based on a book named “A Ticket To Syria” by writer Shirish Thorat. The film narrates the whole story of a newly wed girl “Aliya” how her husband’s family was brainwashed by ISIS group and later on how she is tricked by her family and trapped in war-torn syria. The Whole series is filled with action, thriller, and a lot of suspense.

Star Caste of Freelancer:

  • Mohit Raina – Avinash Kamath
  • Anupam Kher – Dr. Arif Khan
  • Kashmira Pardeshi – Aliya Khan
  • Shushant Singh – inayat Khan
  • Ayesha Raza Mishra – Sabeena Khan
  • Manjari fadnnis – Mrunal kamath
  • Navneet Malik – Mohsin fazal\
  • Shahid Latief – Khalid fazal 
  • Geeta Agrawal Sharma – Asar Fazal
  • Arnav Maggo – Saimeer Fazal
  • Azad Chauhan – Wazid Fazal
  • Farhana Bhat – Saiyma fazal
  • Sameer Al Obaidli – Osama Maqsood
  • Mario Silva – Sheikh Khaleel
  • John Kokken – Raghavendra Setu 
  • Balaji gauri – Farhat Khala
  • Jalila Talemsi – Ameena
  • Sarah Jane Dias – (CIA Operative) Radha Baxi 

Is Freelancer is Paid for Free?

The Freelancer is a paid show available on Disney+, the first episode is absolutely free for all members, after that subscription is required. The Subscription of Disney+ starts from (Rs.149) per month and goes up to (Rs. 299) per month. 


The trigger point in the web series is the Inayat Khan suicide which creates a big buzzing news for everyone and gets his friend Avinash Kamath (known as freelancer) attention, Avinash comes to india to discover more about his friend sudden suicide and Avinash reach out to Inayat family and get to know that their daughter (Aliya) is missing from several days and  there is no contact with her and her in laws family. Inayat tried to reach various people who can help him get his daughter back but no response from them. Now Inayat knows that there is only one person who can bring his daughter back and that is avinash and to get his attention he chooses this way. Watch the whole web series to discover more.


The reviews of the freelancer is very positive, according to imdb ratings it has scored 8.2/10 and 3.5/5 according to The Times of India. Fans are calling it a blockbuster web series across social media platforms.

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