How AI in Aadhaar Mitigating Bank Payment Other Frauds?

Planet’s only biometric database which has 1.2 billion enrolments has made it more secure by utilizing AI (artificial intelligence). India’s UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has increased the security of the citizen’s sensitive data with two layered security methods.

India’s National Institute for Transforming India (NITI Ayog), a think tank, came up with a conclusion of having Aadhaar. The purpose of Aadhaar was to have a tool for citizen data collection and ease the dispersal of money from various data collections. Aadhaar was announced to take place in the year 2009 and made mandatory for all citizens. As Aadhar came into being. There were various concerns about the same. There were cases of leakage of citizens’ sensitive information leakage and fraud activities including bank payment fraud.

What is AI in Aadhaar by UIDAI?

AI (artificial intelligence) in Aadhaar is adding advanced technology like ML (machine learning) to scan and identify a particular person’s stored information in the large database for various purposes such as leveraging various government schemes,  withdrawing money from banks, buying a new SIM card and various other things. AI in Aadhaar was introduced by its UIDAI; the same is fingerprint authentication (biometrics). Additionally, AI in Aadhaar is a combination of both finger minutia and finger images. AI in Aadhaar is helping with the liveness of the fingerprint captured.

How are AI and ML helping Aadhaar holders?

Aadhar card-holder Indian citizens will no longer be facing the huge risk of scams or sensitive information leakage. UIDAI has extended the high security for Aadhaar by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and ML are intelligent technologies that understand and identify activities.


Suppose you bought a SIM using your Aadhaar Card. You bought the SIM by submitting an Xerox of your Aadhaar to the merchant. Most of the time it has experienced that customers that submit their information are stored in unsafe places whether it is online or offline. When hackers or anyone gets access to the sensitive information of a person. They miss using the same for various illegal activities. That includes bank payment fraud and other huge activities which can put a person face liabilities and lose their money online.

Communicating with an Aadhaar holder from Rajasthan’s Khairthal, Alwar district. Teck Planet News got to know that they usually withdraw money from E-Mitra (Rajasthan Government-approved cybercafe). The E-Mitra stores in Rajasthan ask for an Aadhaar card number and use biometrics (fingerprints) to get information. The same Aadhaar card is connected to the user’s bank account. So, by linking Aadhaar and bank account details they withdraw money.

Now AI and ML in the Aadhaar card have come with advanced technology that will do both the things finger minutiae and finger image and it is to check the liveness of the fingerprint captured. AI and ML both will be of immense help in segments whether it is banking or financials.

Introducing AI for Aadhaar cards

The AI for Aadhaar cards is known as Aadhaar Mitra. The Aadhaar Mitra is introducing a chatbot that can answer queries related to the Aadhaar enrolment number, citizens ordered PVC Aadhaar status, and users can get to know their complaint status and other peculiar things users are looking for.

What did Indian authorities announce for AI in Aadhaar?

On 31 July 2023, Minister of State for Finance Bhagwat Karad disclosed to the Parliament by saying that the UIDAI has come up with the top solution to mitigate the risks of leakage of sensitive information of Aadhaar holders by utilizing in house build artificial intelligence and machine learning system the technology is based on finger minutiae record and finger image record also known as (FMR and FIR). 

This technology is intelligent to check the liveness of a fingerprint and the same can detect the cloned fingerprint during the authentication process. However, discussing further Bhagwat Karad said that the advanced artificial intelligence technology and machine learning are going to help eliminate the AePS fraud; where in the country the cases of spoofed fingerprints were experienced and the advanced technology will help during the person’s authentication.

Artificial intelligence for government services

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of all of us and the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning is going to uplift the system. How the citizens interact with AI and ML to leverage various government schemes and mitigate the risk of losing their sensitive information. The human manual tasks managing persons will militant various issues they usually face while matching the given information in their database and authenticating for further process. The same practices will be done using advanced technology and the best part is that authorities do not have to worry about spoofed fingerprints and other such things.

How previous Aadhaar Cards were used for fraud activities?

  1. The government authorities have seen Aadhaar fingerprint fraud. Where criminals used silicon to get the fingerprints of an original user of an Aadhaar card holder and accessed the entire data of a user illegally.
  2. Once India’s state Jharkhand accidentally released 1.6 million pension beneficiaries entire information. It was a huge thing to control and let criminals access sensitive data like beneficiaries’ addresses, bank details, and others. This is why it becomes crucial to protect every citizen’s personal information by having a strong system.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the top solutions to help protect sensitive information by adding security layers to shield the vast amount of data. Mostly where every person’s security is important first whether it is a person’s life and protecting sensitive information.


Artificial intelligence in Aadhaar authentication puts everyone’s security first. Where the same eliminates manual working and endorses protection for the vast amount of data. AI in Aadhaar authentication enables two-layer protection which is the top thing to protect the information. The initiative by UIDAI will help a lot and provide citizens of India with a strong system they want to have for them and the best part is citizens can leverage the Aadhaar Card with peace of mind and the same left no doubts. If you are looking for more such information articles to shape your thoughts. At Tech Planet News our team is waiting for your unique queries. Please command and give your valuable feedback for the effective information you are looking to have for you.

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