Google Announced to Delete All 2 years old Inactive Accounts

Google announced in July 2023 that it would begin deleting inactive accounts starting December 1, 2023. The new policy applies to accounts that have not been used for two years. Accounts that are deleted will lose all data, including Gmail messages, Google Photos, and Google Drive files.

Google said that the new policy is necessary to keep its systems clean and free of clutter. The company also said that it wants to make sure that users are aware of their data and have the opportunity to access it if they need to.

The new policy has been met with mixed reactions from users. Some users have expressed concern that they will lose important data if they forget to log in to their accounts regularly. Others have said that they understand the need for the new policy and appreciate that Google is giving users two years to take action before their accounts are deleted.

Google has provided a number of ways for users to avoid having their accounts deleted. Users can keep their accounts active by logging in at least once every two years. They can also choose to have Google send them a reminder email every six months.

If a user’s account is deleted, they can still request to have it restored. Even though you restored the account you were using before; there is no guarantee to get the data you are looking for. Users who are concerned about losing their data should make sure to back it up regularly.

The new policy on inactive accounts is a reminder to users to stay on top of their digital footprint. By logging in to their accounts regularly and backing up their data, users can avoid the risk of losing important information.


Google has been gradually tightening its inactive account policy for several years. In 2013, the company began sending warning emails to users whose accounts had been inactive for more than 9 months. In 2017, Google began deleting accounts that had been inactive for more than 2 years.

The new policy is a further step in Google’s efforts to reduce the number of inactive accounts on its platform. Google says that inactive accounts can take up valuable storage space and pose a security risk.

What will be the impact of the same action on its users?

The new policy will have a significant impact on users who have Inactive Google Accounts. These users will lose all of their data, including emails, photos, and files. If they want to keep their data, they will need to log in to their accounts and start using them again before December 1, 2023.

Google has provided a number of ways for users to avoid having their accounts deleted. Users can follow the steps added below:

  • You must log in to the account at least once a year to keep it active.
  • Set up a forwarding rule to automatically forward emails from their Google account to another email address.
  • Use Google’s Takeout tool to download a copy of all of their data.

Remember the important key points

Below are the peculiar points one needs to remember for the same policy that Google has announced recently. Check out all the important points; everyone needs to remember to avoid deleting or losing all the important data you have backed up in your  Google account.

  • The new policy is designed to free up storage space and improve the user experience.
  • Google will send notifications to users whose accounts are at risk of being deleted.
  • Users can keep their accounts active by signing in or using any Google service.

Check out the additional details of Google’s new policy to delete inactive accounts

The new policy of Google to delete inactive accounts includes all types of Google accounts. Whether you have a business account or a personal account this action is for everyone. If you want to mitigate deleting your account and missing the important information you have, save it on your Google account. You must take the required action right now to avoid losing your data. Below you will find some of the important points you can get to have for you to avoid losing the information you have.

  • The policy applies to all Google accounts, including personal and business accounts.
  • Google will not delete accounts that are associated with Google Workspace or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Users can download their data before their account is deleted.

These are the important points everyone needs to implement before they lose any information or data they have backed up. The required action will help them avoid losing the data they have on their accounts.


Google’s new policy is a reminder to users to regularly use their accounts to keep them active. If an account is inactive for 24 months, Google may delete it. This is to prevent users from creating accounts and then abandoning them, which can take up space on Google’s servers.

There are a few things users can do to keep their accounts active. First, they can simply log in to their accounts on a regular basis. Second, they can use Google’s services, such as Gmail, Google Drive, or YouTube. Third, they can add a phone number or recovery email address to their account so that Google can contact them if it needs to.

Users should also consider backing up their data to prevent data loss. This can be done by using Google’s backup tools or by using a third-party backup service. Backing up data is important because it can help users recover their data if their account is deleted or if they lose their device.

Google’s new policy is a good reminder for users to stay on top of their accounts. By regularly using their accounts and backing up their data, users can help ensure that their data is safe and accessible.

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