August AI Revolutionizing Healthcare Conversations with an Empathetic Indian Touch

The world of artificial intelligence in healthcare is witnessing a groundbreaking development in the form of August AI, a creation of Bangalore-based health AI startup Beyond. In a recent revelation, August AI has not only outperformed GPT-4 but also the acclaimed MedPaLM in healthcare-related assessments. However, what sets August AI apart is not just its impressive performance; it is the empathetic touch it brings to healthcare conversations, particularly tailored for India’s unique healthcare landscape.

In this article, we have discussed and covered all the points you need to know. The same will help you get a clear understanding of the August AI. Let us check them all and know what are the new updates in tech healthcare and how the same is transforming healthcare organizations. 

Bridging the Gap Between Doctors and Patients

According to Samarth Sharma, a key member of Beyond’s founding team, August AI’s primary mission is to bridge the often-challenging gap between doctors and patients. Beyond, armed with a team of engineers, data scientists, and medical experts, has dedicated itself to democratizing access to high-quality health information.

What makes August AI truly exceptional is its training data, drawn from Beyond’s extensive repository of proprietary health information collected over the years. This invaluable dataset forms the backbone of August’s capabilities and empowers it to excel in healthcare assessments.

A Triumph in Healthcare Assessments

The proof of August AI’s prowess lies in its performance. The model achieved an astounding score of 94.8% on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). In contrast, MedPaLM scored 85%, and the much-heralded GPT-4 managed 87.8%. This remarkable feat places August AI in a league of its own.

Multimodal Capabilities for Diverse Input

August AI is a versatile tool that can accept input in various formats, including audio, text, and PDFs, and seamlessly deliver output in a text format. This flexibility makes it a valuable resource for handling a wide range of physical and mental health concerns while simplifying complex healthcare procedures.

Accessible through WhatsApp: A Game-Changing Move

One of the most innovative decisions made by Beyond is making August AI accessible through WhatsApp. With WhatsApp already on 2 billion phones worldwide and its user-friendly interface, it has become an ideal platform for delivering August’s capabilities to a global audience.

As Samarth Sharma explains, “We want August to be accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status and technical sophistication.” This commitment to accessibility is a testament to August AI’s goal of democratizing healthcare information.

A Fusion of Language Models

Behind the scenes, August AI is built upon a fusion of Large Language Models (LLMs) from multiple providers. Beyond’s team has diligently experimented with and fine-tuned various LLMs, including BERT, LlaMA, GPT-4, and LLama-2. Over the past year, August AI has engaged in 1,500 health consultations to refine its abilities further.

The model’s ensemble refinement technique ensures high-quality answers to health-related questions while minimizing hallucinations and improving token efficiency.

Addressing Bias in Healthcare AI

One crucial aspect that sets August AI apart is its dedication to addressing bias in healthcare AI. The medical field is particularly sensitive to biases, as misinformation can have severe consequences. August AI is actively working to understand and rectify biases, especially concerning different ethnicities, by incorporating India-specific data.

Sharma emphasizes, “August does not do any diagnosis. it has been seen that the AIs are not there. If they are looking for accurate results and want it to be successful. They must be working on healthcare information. They can get to use the augmented generation. They will be sure of the information they use to get the same credible sources.

The Road Ahead for August AI

August AI has an ambitious roadmap ahead. Beyond plans to scale the product through direct outreach to users and partnerships with distribution platforms. The company even envisions integrating the ability to book doctor appointments in the future.

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Wrapping up

August AI’s unique blend of high-performance healthcare assessments and empathetic conversation sets it apart in the ever-evolving field of healthcare AI. While other models may focus solely on medical competency, August AI prioritizes human touch and empathy, specially tailored for the Indian healthcare ecosystem. In a world where healthcare is becoming increasingly digitized, August AI’s vision of accessible, empathetic healthcare information is undoubtedly a game-changer. 

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